Deal Type

  • Fundraising

Avolta is proud to have acted as sole financial advisor to Vulkam on its €34m financing round. Vulkam is about to revolutionize the metallurgy and advanced materials sector thanks to the construction of its first amorphous metals production plant.

Transaction structuration. This round of financing, including €14m in equity, was led by the SPI 2 fund (BPI France), as part of France 2030 initiative. Alongside Vulkam’s longstanding investors (Supernova Invest, UI Investissement, BNP Paribas Développement and Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement), other investors also include Inco Ventures and SEB Alliance, as well as a private equity investor, Vertech. This capital increase was supplemented by non-dilutive financing, such as the Première Usine call for projects supported by BPI France.

Transaction rationale. Through its Series A, Vulkam aims to become the leading European manufacturer of amorphous alloys, which have been modified in their atomic structure to give them radically improved properties. The funding will mainly be invested in the production facilities needed to industrialize amorphous metals. It will also be used to accelerate commercial and technological deployment.

About Vulkam. Vulkam is a French Deeptech company, aiming to revolutionize metallurgy by offering high-quality components made from amorphous alloys. xRelying upon 30 years of academic research, Vulkam has developed a unique and patented technological platform, enabling them to manufacture on an industrial scale these alloys with unrivalled properties. In addition to offering a more sustainable solution in the metallurgy sector, Vulkam also aims to meet the growing needs for high performances in cutting-edge industries (medical, watchmaking, space & aeronautic, leisure sectors).

About Avolta. Avolta is a leading Paris-based tech investment bank. Avolta advised more than €2bn in transaction volume over the past 10 years with a deep focus in the Deeptech industry.

This transaction sets another fundraising landmark in the industrial Deeptech expertise after raising €40m for Mecaware with Credit Mutuel Innovation & BPI-SPI, $31m for Woodoo with LowerCarbon, and €20m for Unseenlabs with 360 Capital, Omnes and Swen Blue Ocean.