Our new report covers the entire spectrum of Tech transactions in the French ecosystem – both VC and M&A deals – for 2019.

In October 2019, our latest report (Tech Exit Transaction Multiples – France 2019), already highlighted that French Tech Exits seemed disappointing, especially compared to its European peers. 

Our new VC & M&A Tech Trends – France 2020 report confirms this trend as the amount of venture capital investment in the Tech ecosystem skyrocketed to €4.7bn in 2019, compared to €3.4bn in 2018, while Tech exits still stagnate at a quite low €3.7bn in 2019.

Who are the most active funds? What have been the largest VC deals? The most significant Tech exits? What’s the evolution of Series A and B tickets? What is the share of foreign funds investment? etc.

All these questions are answered in our latest report: VC & M&A Tech Trends: France 2020 Edition