fter a bumpy but promising 2020, 2021 has been the true blossom of the European Tech ecosystem. With more than €60bn in funding at the end of Q3-21, it already represents almost a 2x growth from the 2020 full year figure (€32bn). On the current trend, Europe should reach €80bn in total funding, i.e. a 2.5x growth. Europe also became a substantial contributor to the worldwide herd of unicorns with 115 members (incl. 39 newcomers in 2021) out of 850 worldwide.

   France has contributed to the European growth and one can clearly see that the French Tech ecosystem has matured with €8.2bn in total funding YTD and 11 new unicorns. On the current trend, France would be around €11bn at the end of the year. Quite impressive! Yet, that’s only a 2x growth vs last year. Less that Europe’s 2.5x. Less than UK’s 2.4x (€28bn expected for 2021).

   And less than the astonishing Germany’s 3x (€15bn expected for 2021). In a broader perspective, we expect worldwide VC funding to rise up to €500bn in 2021, growing 2x from 2020 – just the same trend as France.

   On the exit-side, we’ve seen some encouraging developments with the Believe IPO on Euronext Paris for €2bn and the expected IPO of OVH in Q4-21 at €3.5bn. 2021 should reach €7.6bn in total exit, which would be the best year ever for the French ecosystem.

Arthur Porré, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Oct. 11th, 2021