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TalkSpirit has been founded in 2008 by the two serial entrepreneur Philippe Pinault and Olivier Ricard as a ” web solution multi-task platform ” where corporates can better manage their influence on social networks. Talkspirit develops a global solution to ” manage the development and the optimisation of companies’ interaction with their internal and external audience “. The startup has developed an internal platform where a company’s employees can exchange tips and questions on diverse problematics. Some major clients have been seduced by the solution such as Société Générale, Auchan, RATP or McDonald to name few.

Avolta Partners has advised the TalkSpirit team in their funding round led by Le Public System. The financing will be used to reinforce their R&D team in order to bring new features to their ” communautary platform “. The manging team wants to increase the openess of their platform via the develoment of an dedicated API that will enable third parties to connect to the existing platfrom and bring up their own features and updates.