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ReachFive provides a Customer Identity and Access Management platform (CIAM) that allows companies to simplify their consumer authentication process and significantly improve their user experience with a secure & unified 360° customer identity.

Thanks to its Identity As A Service (“IDaaS”) solution, ReachFive can manage all types of client information directly from customer touchpoints, instead of passing through complex legacy systems unable to distribute unique profiles across an organisation.

Providing a unified customer identity is a key enabler for companies seeking digital transformation. Having spent years in research and development phase to deliver its modern CIAM solution, ReachFive now manages over 40 million customer connections from its platform. ReachFive is integrated at the core of the customer relationship system, generating higher customer lifetime value and boosting the performance of marketing, sales and customer service initiatives.

This capital injection confirms ReachFive’s momentum and follows a stellar year of growth, in which the company saw its recurring revenue more than triple. It will significantly accelerate ReachFive’s business in France and Europe, where ReachFive already connects companies to their customers in 55 countries.