Minuit Une


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  • Fundraising

Founded in 2013, Minuit has developed a groundbreaking patented laser technology called IVL™ lighting (stand for Immersive & Versatile Laser lighting) which grabbed rapidly the attention of all related sectors (concert, event, TV production, clubbing).

With a unique range of colour effects, soft light quality and various using modes, Minuit Une allows to create over 1000 mesmeric, geometric, graphic and lighting effects, with a 360 lighting system aperture and an interchangeable upper shape (Pyramide and Carre to date).

Minuit Une has raised €3m in equity and €2m in debt with both Fonds Ambition Numérique (Bpifrance) and Entrepreneur Venture to achieve its international objective of 90% sales abroad and its ambitious R&D program aiming visual signature and usability as a lighting equipment reference.