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Isahit is a socially responsible platform for outsourcing digital tasks. The company brings together an international community of over 1000 workers spread across 32 countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Isahit allows young talent, mainly women from emerging and developing countries, to work part-time online to earn an additional income to finance their career goals. The hiters can work for a maximum of 100 hours per month for a duration of 2 and half years for isahit customers. Computer vision, NLP and data and content services are the 3 kinds of digital tasks that can be assigned to hiters.

Sodexo is already working with isahit, which has proved to be a valuable partner in developing their expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Isahit helps the experts at Sodexo’s Data Lab to label data, whether image, sound, video or text, to create quality databases and speed up the delivery of solutions that use the data in a meaningful way.