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Founded in 2008, Hesus is the pioneer in the circular economy in the building sector. Hesus facilitates inter-channel excavated soil exchanges while allowing its traceability and safety. Hesus also developed a soil management technology platform called Soldating which links in real-time the yard in need of soil and the overflow soil yard. Hesus integrates all the additional services allowing to manage the moving excavated soil value chain, from the search for treatment centers or receiver sites to the delivery logistics of the soil from a place to an other. Hesus is also taking care of all the administrative tasks and the traceability of the soil movements

This new funding round, led by Audacia and BPI France, aims at accelerating Hesus development. Consecutively to Paris, a new platform has been launched last June in Bordeaux and a dozen more will follow during the next three years to cover the main French and international cities.

Hesus also wants to diversify the company’s core business and support its customers on construction sites one step further. From excavation, to value-creation or logistics optimisation, Hesus is investing in the 2.0 construction site.