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Launched back in 2007 in the aftermath of French Grenelle Environnement Forum, EP developed izigloo, a digital platform gathering data about housing so as to provide services related to its use or maintenance. With a simple address as an input, the platform can extract a wide range of information from wall total surface or sunlight intensity to building materials. Izigloo can notably assess the energy efficiency of any dwelling.

Izigloo bets on a Free SaaS Enabled Marketplace model. It consists in providing the largest possible community with free tools to guarantee an easy and efficient match between players. The revenue model is based on management fees.

EP has now collected more than 100 billion of data, mainly from IGN, Insee and MeteoFrance. Within a few months, izigloo has generated €4m in business volume for artisans and has federated more than 20,000 housing professionals.

With this new fundraising round led by the MGEN groupe, the company ambitions to convince one million users for its platform before 2020 and to reach €100m in business volume by 2018. EP plans to hire +20 new collaborators in the coming years mainly to boost sales and R&D.