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ECL Direct and Fizen was founded in 2008 by Claude Robin and Xavier de Labarriere, experienced accountants and entrepreneurs. They have been supported by Strego since 2012.

Pioneer of the on-demand accounting for small businesses, ECL Direct became the national leader in just a few years. Fizen is a SaaS application that enables easy and user-friendly accounting and financial management for small businesses.Thanks to its vision of “accounting without accounting knowledge”, and the automatic processing of banking flows, Fizen redefines the way accounting is done by small businesses.

ECL Direct has now nearly 120 employees mainly based in Nantes and has experienced a strong development of its business with an annual growth rate of its turnover exceeding 40%

ECL Direct completed a round with Ouest Ventures III managed by GO Capital completed by IDEE fund. ECL Direct has the support of BPI France.

According to ECL Group management team:
“This new partnership will allow us to accelerate our growth and continue to heavily invest in innovation. It will help us strengthen our leading position, as the accountancy business knows a double mutation: automation of accounting process and the emergence of new value added digital services”