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Commanders Act was founded in 2008 by a trio of Internet marketing experts who experienced firsthand the nightmare that tag management was becoming and set out to develop the necessary tools to increase marketing agility. In addition to its flagship Tag Management solution, Commanders Act offers a suite of complementary products intended to help marketers use the data collected from their third-party tags responsibly and maximize their advertising investments. These products include Privacy Management, Attribution Management, and Data Management.

Commanders Act is profitable and works with hundreds of clients that are located across the globe and from all industries. Its robust library of vendor tags enables marketers to deploy and manage their solutions with point-and-click functionality.

Commanders Act, a start-up company specialising in tag management, has just completed its fundraising campaign with XAnge Private Equity, the venture capital subsidiary of La Poste Group.
The funds raised will be mainly used for R&D investments.

The capital increase should also make it possible to accelerate the development of Tag Commender, already present in Europe and abroad.