Weenat offers high-precision weather and agronomy solutions adapted to all type of crops: on the one hand, connected devices which provide real-time, reliable data on crops’ meteorological and agronomic conditions, on the other hand, a mobile application which assist farmers in their daily operations.

Weenat’s more than 12k active users can better anticipate frost periods, optimize irrigation, enhance crop protection efficiency, and thus save time and money.

This growth financing will enable the company to keep on developing new value-added solutions and export to Spain, Italy, Germany and other European countries.

Founded in 2011, Avisdemamans.com is revolutionizing the publishing industry by forging a new kind of model that seamlessly integrates users, editors and content creators onto a single platform designed to empower all digital mums to discover, share and create.

Its mission is to provide parents with a trusted, yet simple and efficient, way to access all the services they will need through the course of parenthood.

Whether it’s parenting or pop culture, fashion or food, DIY or décor, its award-winning editorial team, experts, bloggers, and social media influencers produce authentic and on-trend content every day reaching more than 370k monthly u.v. and 30k social media fans. Consolidating a catalogue of over 12k products and 170k advices, its robust, end-to-end suite of premium branded content, e-commerce platform and monthly box.

Mayane Group, publisher of the magazines Parole de Mamans, the Guide des Nouvelles Mamans, Parole de Pediatres, Parole de Sages-femmes and the website paroledemamans. com, has just acquired the Avis de Mamans platform. Thus, Mayane Group completes its offer by enriching its market research division and the acquisition of a new eCommerce activity.

Smiile is an aggregating platform for all collaborative local services such as group purchasing, collaborative consumption services, access to information on local life, mutual aid between neighbours, gather of objects and services, etc. The platform allows its users to group themselves through virtual neighborhoods, but also real ones. All the services offered on the platform allow a saving of up to 500€/month for a couple with 2 children.

Smiile’s ambition is to become an European leader in sharing economy by developing an innovative system of collaborative APIs.

Smiile made its fundraising with the MAIF. By supporting the start-up, the “militant insurer” is counting on “the aggregation of collaborative services from different platforms”. With this fundraising, the network intends to develop “a more ambitious collaborative ecosystem”, notably with new services planned for “early December”, including the launch of a mobile application.

TalkSpirit has been founded in 2008 by the two serial entrepreneur Philippe Pinault and Olivier Ricard as a ” web solution multi-task platform ” where corporates can better manage their influence on social networks. Talkspirit develops a global solution to ” manage the development and the optimisation of companies’ interaction with their internal and external audience “. The startup has developed an internal platform where a company’s employees can exchange tips and questions on diverse problematics. Some major clients have been seduced by the solution such as Société Générale, Auchan, RATP or McDonald to name few.

Avolta Partners has advised the TalkSpirit team in their funding round led by Le Public System. The financing will be used to reinforce their R&D team in order to bring new features to their ” communautary platform “. The manging team wants to increase the openess of their platform via the develoment of an dedicated API that will enable third parties to connect to the existing platfrom and bring up their own features and updates.