Golem.ai wants to free business from massive document reading without using deep learning, thanks to a new approach in AI. Deployed after 4 initial years of R&D, Golem.ai’s technology is based on universal linguistics and logic with an approach to understanding similar to humans. This approach characterizes the uniqueness of the AI it has co-developed, and collects no personal data while being 100% explainable and sovereign.

This transaction will allow Golem.ai to develop its position in France and soon internationally. This ambition is supported by the multilingual nature of its technology, which already runs in more than 30 languages, enabling large companies to deploy it on an international scale.

Golem.ai also intends to accelerate the development of new functionalities and connectors to link its technology to any information system, allowing it to be naturally integrated into any suite of tools. To achieve this, the company is starting a recruitment plan in 2021 and intends to double its workforce from 30 to 60 employees.