Invers transforms insects (tenebrio molitor or mealworm) into an alternative source of proteins for animal feed, thanks to an innovative circular model which develops local supply channels. This model relies on partner farmers for breeding, and on cooperatives for sourcing and commercialization (since inception: Limagrain, and from now on: Eurea and Oxyane).

Invers extensive range of pet food products is already sold in 500 specialized stores throughout France, members of country-wide networks such as Gamm Vert, Magasin Vert, Botanic…

As demand for high-quality insect protein is surging, and need for food independence appears as a strategic objective of the utmost importance for France, this growth financing will enable the company to scale up and structure a whole agricultural supply chain on a national scale, first by deploying in the AURA region (up to 50 farmers), then by duplicating the model across all French regions.

Jungle specializes in vertical agriculture, a technique that allows to produce ten to thirty times more than in greenhouses or in open ground. The agritech aims to offer the most innovative and highest-performing technological processes on the market to grow 100 per cent local produce on an industrial scale.

Thanks to the fundraising, Jungle’s vertical farm based in Chateau-Thierry will stretch over more than 5,000 sqm, enabling a substantial increase in fruit and vegetable production. The business already has growing partnerships with food distributers including Monoprix and Intermarché, among others.